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Foam Tape Supply is on online resource for technical support and the supply of all types of industrial, aerospace and OEM pressure sensitive adhesive foam tapes.  We provide all types of foam tapes in standard roll form and also die cut to meet your application needs. 

There are 2 types of foam tapes, single sided and double sided tapes.  In other words the pressure sensitive adhesive is either applied to 1 side or both sides of the foam.  Double coated tapes are also called mounting tapes because the adhesive on both sides facilitates mounting one item to another.  The foam can provide a barrier in some applications, separating the two surfaces to eliminate galvanic corrosion.  The tape can spread the load over a greater area (than for example a nut and bolt or a spot weld) thus reducing the pressure per area to increase reliability. 




Let us know how we can help with your foam tape application. 

 Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any technical questions you may have about foam tapes and adhesives.  We provide technical support and supply for all types of pressure sensitive adhesives: rubber adhesives, acrylic adhesives and also high temperature silicone tape foam.

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Foam Mounting Tape fastens automotive emblems

The kind of foam tape needed for a particular application is often dependent on the ambient or normal operating temperature where the tape will be used.  Rubber based adhesives are used for applications at the lower temperatures from -20F (-29C) to +120F (49C).  Acrylic adhesives are the mid range adhesives for applications from -40F (-40C) to +180F (82C) or +325F (163C) depending on the type of foam used as the carrier.  Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are used at the highest temperatures and will be applied to foams suitable for ambient temperatures from -100F (-73C) to 500F (260C).