Double Sided Tape

Double Coated Foam Tape 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape
Double Sided Foam Tape

Double sided foam tapes are defined as tape with adhesive on both sides of a foam carrier.  The adhesive is most often times the same adhesive, however that doesn’t always have to the case.   Since double sided tapes are usually run thought the coating line twice, on the 2nd pass, the type of adhesive can be changed for specific application needs. 

Mounting Tape on PlasticDouble sided foam tapes will include a release liner to protect the ‘users’ side of the tape.  With this delivery method, the tape can be applied to the first surface in a factory setting and the user can remove the liner just prior to application.  This is one one of the many features of mounting tapes.  The user can apply the foam tape when it is convenient.

The secret to success is to apply pressure, as in thumb pressure, and to apply the tape to a clean, grease free surface above +60F (15.6C).  At colder temperatures, the adhesive becomes hard and may not flow into the microscopic valleys of the mounting surface.  Twenty to thirty seconds of thumb pressure or a uniform roller of at least 15 pounds will help the adhesive whet out onto the mounting surface.   

In automotive applications, double sided acrylic tapes are common and for retail markets double sided rubber tapes with excellent quick tack mount a wide variety of consumer products.  3M VHB Foam Mounting Tapes secure nameplates to car bodies.  These tapes hold up extremely well in tough environment applications..  


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